The Real Deal

NO ONE WORE IT AS WELL AS YOU, so why not show it off? There is nothing I love more than seeing wedding pictures from my brides. I honestly think that no model I choose, no matter how beautiful, will ever look as stunning in my designs as YOU do because that glow of love on your face is something that can't be faked. So come on, share your photos with me and let me see how you wore it! Not to mention, my favorite photos will be considered for publication on this website and as my ad in a future copy of the Glossy magazines.

To send me your photos, simply tag them with #bborealbride on your social media pages or email them directly to me at

P.s... I'll never use your photos anywhere without asking your permission, be sure to state please don't share. so even if you don't want them made public I'd still love to see them!