Meet Karen

Once upon a time,

Long story short, is that I launched my business in April of 2003 from home, cutting lengths of wedding car ribbon and selling on line, developed on to garters as I worked for a large lingerie company in the city centre of Glasgow and most customers complained about the size so I started making them for real women.

But if you have the time I'll tell you the real company started when I was about  5 years old sitting by my mother who was teaching me to use her vintage singer black sewing machine with the Gold details hand painted on the side.. And traveling around the country in my dad’s truck, when I was 9 doing tapestry's with my grandmother. And in high school when I started obsessing over design, graphic technical anything to do with arts and crafts. Then when I stopped work to have my first child it happened the business was born too. I built it up from wedding ribbons to garters selling internationally but then in 2010 The first headdress was created for sale.

It has been with me my entire life desgin and being an entrepreneur, and I can honestly say that getting to wake up every day and make beautiful things is deeply fulfilling and an unbelievable dream come true, and a true honor to make a bride something to wear on her special day.

Style and Technique,

Having grown my tiny company into one of the most sought after and recognizable brands in the industry, I am committed to staying true to my ethos. I create my designs in the most difficult way possible: completely by hand, one at a time and just for you from beginning to end. Every item is individually cut, hand placed and every bead is attached one at a time, just like the first pieces I made over 5 years ago. Not everyone does it this way but I believe that the care and love my team and I put into each piece will show from the moment you open your box to the moment you walk down the aisle!   

Be Inspired,

I am inspired by each and every one of my brides, including You!

I design my collection based on traditional elements but try and keep with the modern times, through colour texture materials.incorporating that timeless quality,

I aim for every one of my brides to sparkle and shine in her own way, and to do this I use glittering Swarovski crystals and pearls, tiny seed beads, fresh water pearls to name a few of ranges of beads, teamed with Classic French laces, Organza's and Satin. basically I will use what ever fits the brief perfectly just for you.