Time Flys

It has been a while since I have done a blog post... DO people read blogs anymore ? is everything over to Facebook ? as it has current trends, right up to the second.

Does anyone buy magazines or papers anymore ? , or is it over to Facebook and the internet ? 

Does anyone visit actual websites or is it through Facebook and Auction sites as many big stores sell through this channel too.

The way it was

How the dynamics has changed society, We all have the answers at the end of our fingertips now.

Before we had to learn the hard way getting paper cuts flicking through books. Watching the time tick past on the wall or strapped to our wrist, instead of today everything is at our finger tips.


I had a client once who said : " You need to get CAD" (computer design) 

I was doodling some ideas on a piece of paper for her, the bits didn't fit just right and then this blow came to me. "you need to get CAD" ..... But why the beauty of being able to sketch and doodle is an art for. surely if you know anything about design things should come from organic mind set not a template or a bank of shapes on a computer. Mother nature does not erase a flower or a veg if it is a little misshaped. Yet society has molded that things should be perfect now with the technological we have now.

This is in fact taking the beauty of the overall design away. You learn from your mistakes, no matter your age. People have forgotten the simple things, how to tell the time or how to hold a pencil correctly. Have you noticed people hand writing has become shocking rather than a thing of beauty.


Time has flown past and people have lost control. Strip it back, see the basics as these are the best blank canvases you ever need, adding things, can make you loose focus on the sheer beauty , the thing we had all along. We just never notice it it gets blurred out.

I often say to my clients less is more. I don't go for hard sell, in fact I often under sell as I want my clients to look and feel stunning on their big day. Why are you wearing a headdress covering your face ?, Why are you holding a bouquet that is hiding your dress ?

You invest so much in your wedding, time and money, selecting which firm and small businesses too work with. Just because they can make it does not mean you "HAVE TO HAVE IT"


Less is SOOOOO much More




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  • The forum is a britgher place thanks to your posts. Thanks!

    • Irene